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Our ILSHIN Construction Equipment Co. was established in 1980 based on Pusan, and now one of the largest air compressor and diesel generator rental company for construction and industry in Korea.
we manfacture diesel generator from 20kw to 1000kw range and repair also. We have obtained the confidence in domestic rental and deal business of our trust and achievement during 30 years experience.

Our major businesses are;

1. Air compressor and diesel generator rental business.

2. Digel generator manufacturing.

3. We deal with used equipment especially for foundation project, such as low or high pressure air compressor, generator, pile driver, drill rig, hydraulic pile hammer, jet grouting.

4. We also provide maintenance parts for air compressor such as oil separator element, air cleaner element, oil & fuel filter, engine coupling,,,etc which are very good quality made in Korea, but very low price compare with original.

If you have any question, please call us and we will be glad to service you.